This month, we interviewed interior designer and the brains behind Designer Man Cave; Kate Abdou.

Tell us about Designer Man Cave. What do you do?

I’m an interior designer and Designer Man Cave is a niche interior service for men, based in Sydney. My clients are mostly bachelors, so my services are tailored for men who want a stylish home but don’t know how or have the skills to do it themselves. DMC is also an online resource for men – it is a lifestyle brand and I am constantly sharing like minded brands, new products and anything interesting I come across that I think my gent followers will like.

Why are interiors so important for men?

There has been a huge shift in the recent years and when it comes to bachelor pads, the stock standard cliche design doesn’t cut it anymore. Men care about their home and where the interiors industry is geared towards women, the men often get forgotten. That’s where I come in! My clients want a space that is stylishly and handsomely tailored for them, but is also practical for their lifestyle. They want somewhere they can retreat to when they are not working ridiculous hours – their sanctuary. Men also want to achieve a space that they are proud of, to show off and entertain in.


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How do men differ from women in how they want their space?

Men are practical. So decorative items are not a necessity, but a parred back addition to their space. There is also an importance on quality over quantity. The men I have worked for don’t like or have much “stuff”. The brief is generally: “I want to do this once and I want to do it properly”. I’m also very mindful of furniture items for men so they are comfortable when using them. When it comes to dining chairs and lounge chairs particularly, men are bigger, taller and broader, so it’s important they fit the furniture well.

Are there secret places that men need to go to get the polished look?

When is comes to interior products, I have some great go-to suppliers that have guaranteed style and quality. Space Furniture, Cult and Own World offer some beautiful collections.

What’s your three tips for men wanting to achieve a good looking home?

Quality – buy less but buy well
Keep it neutral – if you are not confident with colour, don’t attempt it. Stay with a monochrome (black, white, grey, beige) colour scheme and use textures.

Good lighting – ambient lighting is a must and quite often overlooked. There should be a lamp or 2 in the living spaces and bedrooms.


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Tell us about the inspiration for designing Man Cave Sydney?

The brief was that the clinic should feel like a gentleman’s lounge/cigar bar. The client didn’t want anything too sterile, medical or clinical and the aim of the space was to create an environment that men are comfortable in and enjoy spending time in. I wanted to push the boundaries with this brief, hence the black walls. I wanted the customers to feel transported to another world when they stepped off the busy streets of the Sydney CBD.

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What is your favourite aspect of Man Cave Sydney’s design?

I love the fact that Man Cave Sydney feels more like a high-end apartment than a medical clinic. From the dark timber floors to the decorative mouldings, to the luxurious furniture. This project was a challenge and half on the construction front, but was an absolute dream to create.


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