Effective Sun Protection Beyond the Slip, Slop Slap

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Effective Sun Protection Beyond the Slip, Slop Slap

Weekends are great for kicking back, having a few cold ones and all around having some fun in the sun! But that doesn’t have to mean being burnt to a crisp! Move beyond the slip, slop slap with these tips:

Look out for these kinds of sunscreen

Go for broad spectrum, zinc-oxide sun sunblock. Keep in mind that the shorter the shadow, the more intense the UV, so go for something stronger.

Time to pull out the Akubra for Sun Protection

Many experts recommend wearing a hat with a 10cm brim to cover your face, eyes, ears and neck.


Ditch the cheap Bali numbers and invest in some decent UV protecting sunglasses – they offer far superior protection when the sun’s glaring.

The get-up

Did you know that satin finished silks and polyester are protective fabrics? Look out for clothing that has a tightly woven fabric, as it will block more sunlight.